Valverde Hotel in Lisbon 

It is impossible not to fell in love with Lisbon: this a colorful, brightfull of life and soaked by salty sea air city. When you walk according to narrow streets and noisy seafronts you feel all colors of this city. Lisbon gives you gladness and energy.

Lisbon is a fest of life, but I would like to find peace of tranquility there. I had found this Oasis of refined luxury, silence and comfort in Valverde Hotel.

The hotel is located in the Center of Lisbon, in the noble area of the city Avenida da Liberdade. The hotel is made in classical and elegant style, reminiscent of the New York 50-60s years. It’s warm colors, high-quality materials and thoughtful details. Hotel is a winner Best Interior Design & Architecture 2016.

After a night flight, the only thing I would like to do is to take a hot bath and take a rest. Valverde hotel is perfect for this. It is hard to believe that the hotel is located in the heart of the city. There are silence and atmosphere of tranquility here. Valverde has its own patio with a swimming pool, where it’s nice to sit with a book after breakfast.

wp-1482871713310.jpgValverde hotel offers to guests best terms and highest quality service. I want to say special thank to staff hotel, who made our staying this is so nice and comfortable that I will long remember our few days in Valvedere Hotel Lisbon.


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