10 Not So Obvious Things To Do In Paris

To go up the Eiffel Tower, to stroll along the Champs Elysees and to see Mona Lisa — apart from these obvious things, there is something else interesting to do in Paris. I suggest you 10 things to try if you are in Paris.

1.Spend a night in one of the best hotels in Paris

It is necessary to book one of the best hotels in Paris for at least one night: sleep in a splendid bed, wake up and to see a fantastic view from the window and just enjoy amenities of high-class hotels. By the way French star system of hotels is so high that even in a four stars hotel, you feel yourself like a king). I have been stayed in Hotel Thereze and Grand Pigal Hotel. And I can recommend the both. Boutique hotel Thereze is located a few meters from the Louvre Museum. Completed in warm colors and has excellent service. Grand Pigal Hotel will conquer you with its style of old New York and views of Montmartre.

2. Eat the most beautiful eclairs and the best macaron in the world
Where to eat desserts, if not in Paris! The most photogenic eclairs l’eclare de genie must be in your instagrame. What can I say about macaron from Ladure? It’s French classic. Buy a lot of their and eat one looking at the Eiffel Tower.

3. Meet local people and to visit them for dinner

For unmarried woman it could be young handsome Frenchman) for married: everyone else) Nobody doesn’t to talk better about the city, as it do a local resident. Well, you will try home made french cuisine also. Do not forget to bring a bottle of wine)

4. To see the tower from a different angle

After made a hundred shots from the Champs de Mars and Trocadero point, go a little further and turn to the small street, were will you find a very nice view to the main beauty of Paris. And take another 100 shots.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

5. Spend an hour drinking coffee and watching the Parisians

One Paris guide told me that for understand Paris, it is necessary to sit at a table on the street and look at Parisian life, sipping coffee. I believe her. And tables are heated during the cold season. A coffee with a view on the Montmartre is especially good.

2016-12-06 05.29.28 1_17-57-28.jpg

6.Take advantage of the Parisian subway

Although Paris dimensions allow, even with average physical training, walking around it, to go down into the subway. Take the right line and see the Eiffel Tower (yes, again it … it is Paris, baby) out of the train window. If you sit on the subway at the Trocadero on the 6 line and go to the direction of Nation, you will hear the musicians with accordions right in the subway car and see out the window the Eiffel Tower.

Lifehack: if you travel no one, you can save money on the ticket. Doors of subway open automatically for exit. You do not get out, your friend comes to. But I did not tell you this.

7. Watch cabaret show

There are two the most famous cabaret in the world in Paris : Crazy Horse and Moulin Rouge. And if for some reason you do not get the performance, take a look at the famous mill in the evening. And walk to the red light district.

2016-12-20 05.05.51 1.jpg

8. Get lost

There is no better way to know a new city as than … to get lost. Disable offline map and do not look for free wifi. Try to ask for directions from the French, who understand your English, but the answer is still in French.

9. Feel like a sommelier

Sign up for a tasting of French wines and are looking for notes of berries in a glass of red wine.

10. Visit the Fragonard perfume museum and bring the flavor of Paris.

Memory of flavors are the most strong memories. Buy a new perfume and use it during your stay in Paris. Congratulations! Now you have an instant way to move himself in Paris at any time, a prisoner in a bottle of spirits.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


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